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Precision Analysis for Science and Industry

AttoDNA offers cutting-edge genomic services, driving innovation in both research and commercial sectors. With expertise in gene copy number analysis, food identity verification, and GMO detection, we deliver reliable and accurate results.

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Elevate Your Research and Industry Projects

Our services are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of academic researchers and industry professionals alike, ensuring excellence in every project. Discover how AttoDNA can enhance your scientific and commercial endeavours with our advanced solutions.

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Laboratory Image


Gene Copy Number Analysis

AttoDNA provides gene copy number estimation to support your genetic research and development. Our industry trusted techniques ensure accurate quantification, aiding in various scientific and industrial applications.



Food Identity Testing

Ensure the authenticity and traceability of food products with AttoDNA’s comprehensive food identity testing. Our services help verify food types as well as varietal confirmation supporting compliance and consumer trust.



GMO Detection

AttoDNA offers meticulous GMO detection services to identify genetically modified organisms in your products. Our state-of-the-art methods guarantee reliable results, helping you maintain regulatory compliance and uphold product integrity.

Next Generation Sequencing


Bespoke Projects

Tailored to meet specific client needs, AttoDNA offers bespoke project services. From custom assays to specialized research projects, our team delivers innovative solutions to advance your objectives.

Bloodborne Infection Screening

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